Accessing Chiropractic Literature – An easy process!


Welcome to an ACC-RAC 2010 post workshop blog!

This literature searching workshop was held at ACC-RAC 2010 on Friday, March 19, 2010, from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm, at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. About twenty people attended, and we hope you will all visit this blog, have a look at the Resources, and take advantage of the links provided on the right side of the page.

Please comment and give us feedback, and ask us anything you want to! – Anne

From the program:
This workshop is designed for clinicians, educators and researchers who require easy access to the peer-reviewed chiropractic literature. By learning effective use of two freely available databases, the Index to Chiropractic Literature (ICL) and PubMed, attendees will be able to locate published materials such as the evidence needed to support patient care decisions, and studies on chiropractic learning and teaching. Strategies for keeping up to date and for accessing free online patient and research materials will be demonstrated.

This blog is for workshop participants to continue to develop their search skills, and to communicate with the facilitators and their fellow participants.

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5 Responses to “Accessing Chiropractic Literature – An easy process!”

  1. 1 Dan Kanaley

    This was an excellent workshop on searching ICL. Maybe next year there could be a session discussing other databases in addition to ICL that could provide additional EBM research. How about a session on the new PubMed interface, highlighting the differences from the old interface?

  2. Thanks, Dan. An excellent suggestion. And perhaps next year there will be Internet access at Caesars Palace!
    — Anne T-V

  3. 3 Dan Kanaley

    Oh yah, forgot about that problem – no Internet!! Kind of hard to demo searching various dbs w/o access to the Internet! Anne did you check into the cost? Would it be just a matter of paying for 24 hours of wireless access like you would in your room? Then connect at the workshop location using a laptop? Thanks, Dan

    • Caesars Palace was charging ACC $5,000 to have Internet connections in the meeting rooms. Hence their decision not to go with Internet. I could have purchase wireless but this did not extend to the meeting rooms.

      • 5 Dan Kanaley

        In this day & age the lack of Internet connection sure does limit your presentation options especially for us library geeks! $5k is beaucoup bucks so I understand about not including it. Sounds like another Vegas ripoff. Maybe next year we’ll all have smartphones w/wireless access that we can plug into a projector and get around it that way ;D

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